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A digital platform that connects companies directly with colleges, streamlining their onsite campus recruitment process

Real-time Calendar Management

Book a Campus Online Within Minutes

It's as simple as booking an airline or a movie ticket. Search.Book.Recruit. That's about it.

Multiple Campus Bookings

Logistics and Hospitality

Be able to identify your logistics requirements for campus recruitment online. Travel,food,stay & more...

Multiple Campus Bookings

Recruiting companies can book multiple colleges across different locations at the same time with a single click.

Event Analytics

Post event analytics to measure recruitment results and identify opportunities for increased efficiency.

Innovative Branding Initiatives

Innovative branding, promotion & engagement to get top college talent excited to join your business.

Tests and Background Verification

Choose your candidate assessment and background verification partner -Talented industry experts.

For Companies
Real-time Calendar Management

Efficient campus recruitment process

Calendar based recruitment for well-planned, efficient, result oriented recruitment efforts. Be the first to attract the high quality resources needed.

Real-time Calendar Management

Enhanced interview experience for candidates

This innovative platform simplifies the recruitment process, significantly lowering cost per hire and enhancing candidate recruitment experience.

Real-time Calendar Management

Find your recruitment niche

Search for the available college recruitment opportunities based on campus locations, course offerings, ratings and more.

Real-time Calendar Management

Turnkey concierge services

Directly book auditoriums, classrooms, testing facilities and more based on your recruitment needs. Concierge-level services and 24/7 support ensure no need goes unmet.

Real-time Calendar Management

Experienced campus recruitment team

We have had the opportunity to work with some of the best brands and pioneers in the industry, along with the experience of being in business for nearly 6 years now.

Real-time Calendar Management

Feature rich dashboard

Put an end to phone calls and emails by managing the entire campus visit process from a single, easy-to-use dashboard for efficient, results-oriented recruitment efforts.

For Colleges
Real-time Calendar Management

It's free

We believe that an unforgettable experience doesn't have to come with a cost. We are obsessed with solving customer problems.

Get noticed by top recruiting companies

Recruiting companies can search for colleges (or choose colleges) by location,course offered,ratings and more.

Feature rich dashboard

Approve or decline company visit requests. Put an end to phone calls and emails by managing the entire company visit process from a single dashboard.

Calendar based recruitment

Transparent calendar management solutions supports you to be the first to attract top recruiters.

Notify eligible students & student management

Communicate easily and seamlessly with the students of upcoming placements, registrations and more.

Post event analytics & comprehensive reports

Assess performance. Comprehensive reports and data to measure efficacy and results.