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So You Didn’t Get the Job - Now What?
No job applicant has a perfect career history. At some point in your career, you would apply for a job that you are passionate about and get rejected. Taking time to introspect is natural. But ultimately, you would have to convince yourself to move on. That does not indicate that you give up on your dream. It just means that you recalibrate your response.   Place your rejection into context At that particular moment, when you come to know your application has been... Read More
18 Sep 2020
Remote Working
Improving your work-life balance through remote working. Coworking spaces are a new trend. Overcoming issue of commuting through remote working Remote working facilitates a reduction in overheads. Remote working is on the increase. Working remotely, outside the office is becoming mainstream. Individuals have the flexibility to design their work schedule to experience an excellent work-life balance. The options to work remotely There are many ways in... Read More
22 Jul 2020
Beating The Recession
Recession is inevitable in a cyclical economic activity Savings is critical for beating the recession Update your resume to receive an offer imperiously Networking must be a continuous process Economic activity is cyclical. Hence, a recession is quite likely, if not inevitable. Individuals must prepare for challenging market conditions even when business is prospering. Companies and individuals must build resilience against an economic downturn. Boost... Read More
17 Jul 2020
It's Time for Women to Lead
Leadership Trait   A basic trait that is shared by several strong women leaders is the determination to surmount the challenges of moving up the ladder in a male-dominated domain along with the vision required to accomplish their goals. They have built a powerful personal brand through passion and commitment; they have become a role model for women globally who are pursuing leadership roles in business and technology. Gender Diversity Programs Over the last two decades,... Read More
18 Jun 2020
Inclusivity and Diversity – Recruiting Women in Campuses
Investing in programs that encourage women at the workplace is a “win-win” situation for employees and employers.  Adopting best-recruiting methods to ensure workplace diversity   Optimizing the recruitment process to attract more women in the workforce  Ensuring companies are accountable for diversity in campus recruitment Overcoming the diversity and inclusion talent challenge Barriers to women’s employment could be due to cultural as well as legal and... Read More
18 Jun 2020
Build Influential Relationships
Establishing powerful campus partnerships that help the organization to succeed during campus recruitment Improving the visibility of your brand on campus Reaching out to top talent through philanthropy People are one of the most valuable assets of a company and they come from different academic, ethnic and social environments. Through collaboration, teamwork, and integrity, companies can create the right environment on campus for their recruitment team to deliver the best... Read More
18 Jun 2020
Choose Your Target Universities
Just as students share anticipation for getting placed in a dream company, for the corporate, preparing for a campus recruitment season could be both a time of excitement as well as a logistical challenge. Wave after wave of potential graduates is waiting to enter the job market, while that indicates that opportunity abounds for proactive companies, a campus recruitment strategy that’s too extensive and one that lacks focus could leave you empty-handed. One of the critical aspects of a... Read More
08 Jun 2020
Start Recruiting Early - The Proactive & Smart Way
As organizations face increased competition for talent, they must ask themselves the question, what should we do to course-correct and connect with students early? Talent is a long-term investment. In order to build a brand, recruit for the future, it is vital to invest in the talent pool of the future. Organizations must think long-term and start to build a strategic roadmap on recruiting for future requirements by entering campuses early. Collectively, organizational leadership is... Read More
28 Apr 2020
Candidate Interview Experience
Tips To Deliver An Effective Candidate interview Experience: Candidates Are the Star From the candidate’s perspective, interviews are an anxious moment. Create a warm and welcoming environment so that candidates feel comfortable while communicating their capabilities. Top talents usually have different employment options and would not join a company that rubbed them the wrong way. Send an Itinerary Knowing what to expect from the interview would put them at ease and... Read More
26 Feb 2020
Logistics and Hospitality Management in Campus Recruitment
Developing a comprehensive logistics and hospitality management strategy for campus recruitment that is customized to your organization’s culture, value and goals and one that is consistently connected to your organization & people is critical to win the War For Talent. Campus recruitment is an extremely effective way to recruit recent graduates. While the main goal of campus recruitment is to on-board fresh talent, it also fosters brand building among the premier educational... Read More
17 Feb 2020