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For Colleges

Advantage #1 – Get noticed by the top recruiting companies for campus placements

Companies can search for your campus based on your geographic location, course offerings, ratings and more.

Advantage #2 – Simple dashboard to view, approve & reject request for campus booking

Manage all your campus bookings from a single, easy-to-use dashboard for efficient, results-oriented recruitment efforts.

Advantage #3 – Calendar based recruitment

Recurring updates ensure efficient planning and streamlined coordination with the recruiting company.

Advantage #4 – Student management

Notify eligible students: Alert students to upcoming visits with a single button click.

Advantage #5 – Preparedness for logistics and hospitality requirements

Streamlined logistics, concierge-level services and 24/7 support ensure no need goes unmet.

Advantage #6 – Branding amongst academic community

Compelling promotional campaigns engage top talent, build your brand, and turn your college into an employer of choice .

Advantage #7 – Post event data access

Detailed reports and MIS measure recruitment results, and identify opportunities for increased efficiency.

Advantage #8 – Lead management from your dashboard

Put an end to phone calls and emails by managing the entire company visit process from a single dashboard .

Advantage #9 – It’s Free

We believe that an unforgettable experience doesn’t have to come with a cost.  We are obsessed with solving customer problems. We expect to create a delightful recruitment experience to the corporate, college and the students.

The entire service is free for colleges.

Advantage #10 – 24/7 Customer support 

We hope you never have the need, but if you do, our service is friendly and hassle-free.

You may call or email our support team for:

  • Calendar management & coordination with the recruiting companies.
  • Concierge & logistical arrangements.
  • Student Management  – Information broadcasting.
  • Post offer engagement support.